What Is Terrapsychology?

Terrapsychology is a growing field of studies, ideas, and practices for reimagining and restorying how deeply and intimately our psychological life is involved with our surroundings, whether human or other than human.

More informally, we tend how the world gets into the heart and how the heart reflects the world. Find out more about the history and scope of TP.

What Does TP Do?

Terrapsychology explores how terrain, place, element, and natural process show up in human psychology, endeavor, and story, including myth and folklore.

What we do and who we are links to where we are, and when. What emerges when we listen, imagine, and feel into rich intersections of psyche, story, symbol, body, mood, and place? When we put the presence of world at the center of psychology?

What Good Is It?

We are restorying and thereby reenchanting our relations with the world, and therefore with each other and with ourselves. TP is a deep psychology not only of humans, but of everything we interact with.

It aspires to be a truly planetary psychology; for now, it is a psychology of reenchantment for living in a world not of things, but of animate presences. Terrapsychological Inquiry is used for qualitative research.

Where do we turn when psychology needs therapy?

Mainstream psychology treats people like machinery while ignoring our connection to nature,
place, and planet. By contrast, terrapsychology aligns itself with ecology and the humanities
to restory our place in a world filled with wonders and living presences we are always
in conversation with. How might we make these conversations conscious? 

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a deep psychology of earthly reenchantment
Welcome to Terrapsych.com!
Welcome to Terrapsych.com, a site dedicated to tending how our surroundings get inside us, acting as part of us just as we are part of them.

Story: the medium through which we come home to our homeworld

A prime task of terrapsychology is to tell stories about our intimate involvement with the multileveled presence of our living Earth, including that of specific places, creatures, and materials. What links us to places and animals, breezes and floods, towns and homes and strangely willful everyday objects travels along bridges of symbol, metaphor, image, and and dream.