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What’s the answer to my state? There must be an answer to everything
but for California I can reach no conclusion. Statisticians have tried.
Even the Heaven on Earth Club has tried.
But California continues to erupt.

- Max Miller -



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Why it's Called California: excerpt from my dissertation

California Cartographies: maps and other state info

The Noble Tale of Sir John of Steinbeck



Place and Ecology:

Mind and Environment: Perspectives Literal, Wide, and Deep

Adrift off Alaska: "It's not an issue of power but of steering..."

Interview on Psyche and Place: Radio CFRU (93.3 FM), Guelph, Ontario

Presentation at the "When History Wakes" Conference

Where Did California's "Spanish" Architecture Come From?

First Contact: The Sound of the World in Our Symptoms

From Baltimore to Babylon: Driving the Southwest Passage

"Coastal California and Beyond": My California photos at Webshots

The Return of Ulysses: from my oral examination at Pacifica

Introducing La Llorona, the Weeping Woman

La Llorona in the Mission District: The Mural Art of Juana Alicia

BP refinery pays out $81 million for poisoning 21 schools in Carson (3/2005).

2005 Millennium Ecosystem Assessment: 60% of Earth's ecosystems impacted

If we become extinct because of factors beyond our control, then we can at least die with pride in ourselves, but to create a mess in which we perish by our own inaction makes nonsense of our claims to consciousness and morality.

-- Bill Mollison, permaculture designer

One historical example of how agricultural conglomerates advertise:

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4 Pillars of Evil: A Depth Model

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"War and Peace" Presentation

Celtic, Greek, and Roman Deities

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The Nature of Myth

Flight of the Phoenix

What do I believe in? I believe in sun.
In rock. In the dogma of the sun and
the doctrine of the rock.
-- Edward Abbey

The views of nature held by any people determine all their institutions. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is a language beyond human language, an elemental language, one that rises from the land itself. -- Linda Hogan

Most evil--or destructiveness, which is almost the same thing--emerges from shared ideology and practice that tend to be unquestioned. -- Robert J. Lifton

We flee the evils that centralized power always generates. Our God does not reside in the inner sanctums of cathedrals, but walks with us, hoeing in the fields. -- Gene Logsdon

Like the fundamentalist's frantic attempts to maintain an order that is no longer viable, the racist's obsessive insistence on purity of blood and the misogynist's worried effort to preserve sexual difference can be read as a nearly hysterical desire to separate simultaneously his own existence from and assert his power over nature. -- Susan Griffin

The ecological crisis, in short, is about what it means to be human. And if natural diversity is the wellspring of human intelligence, then the systematic destruction of nature inherent in contemporary technology and economics is a war against the very sources of mind. -- David Orr

from the alchemical Book of Lambspring, 17th Century.

Terrapsychological Principle Number One:

Nature Turns Toward Us the Face that We Turn Toward It.


An art piece by Alver.

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See Earth from space.

Throughout my whole life, during every minute of it,
the world has been gradually
lighting up and blazing
before my eyes until it has come to surround me,

entirely lit up from within.
-- Teilhard de Chardin