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Site for exploring the deep nature-psyche-community connection.
If Earth were trying to speak to us, how might we tune in?

What Is Terrapsychology?

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Terrapsychology: "The Environment" is You! - a brief introduction

Read the "Terrapsychology" article formerly posted at Wikipedia

Our terrapsychology anthology

is available at, Barnes and Noble, and other venues.

Immanence: The Journal of Applied Mythology, Legend, and Folktale:
Jounral, Blog, Newsletter, Interviews, More...

"Coming Home to a Sentient Planet": opening speech at CIIS to
honor publication of the anthology.

Education for a Sense of Place - a brief look at terrapsychology in action.

At YouTube: "Animate California: The Soul of the Golden State in Image, Myth, and Place."

- Click here to see the Earthrise slideshow at YouTube -

- Also at YouTube: "Petroleum: Blood of Pluto(cracy)" - - designed to support
the anthology Ecotherapy: Healing with Nature in Mind
(edited by Linda Buzzell and Craig Chalquist,
Sierra Club Press, 2009).


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New: Terrapsychological Inquiry updated (an ecopsych research methodology).

What Is Terrapsychology?

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