A particular place in the land is never, for an oral culture, just a passive or inert setting for the human events that occur there. It is an active participant in those occurrences. Indeed, by virtue of its underlying and enveloping presence, the place may even be felt to be the source, the primary power that expresses itself through the various events that unfold there.

- David Abram

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The works below, all of which reveal place as alive and animated, strive to deepen our sensitivity to the banished inner voice of the land, its creatures, and its mineral and meteorological forces. Some of these were written by students in the "Planetary Psychology" class taught by Craig Chalquist at John F. Kennedy University. All move us closer to a new psychocartographic map charted place by place on the living planet all around us.

"A Terrapsychological Analysis of the Republic of Georgia" by Emily Baratta.

"Water and Wind as Dance Partners--and the Warming Globe" by Shepherd Bliss.

"Healing from Tragedy Just Might Involve the Land" by Matt Collins.

"The Environmental Crisis is a Crisis of Consciuosness" by Craig Chalquist.

"What Is Terrapsychology?" by Craig Chalquist.

"Running Engagement: The Wandering Arrows of Ecology" by Matthew Cochran.

"Embodying the Power of the Storm" by Katrina Martin Davenport.

"Pine Lake Flat" by Lisa Frost.

"Dreaming the Anima Mundi: A Jungian Interpretation" by Patrick Goonan.

"A Psyche the Size of Contra Costa County" by Kathleen Grillo.

"Tuff and Stone of Memory" by Karen Kinnett Hyatt.

"Know Hope: Summer Fieldwork in Israel/Palestine" by Aviva Joseph.

"Learning to Love California: Beginnings and Terrapsychological Inquiries" by Kristi Kenney.

"Rock n' Roll Berkeley: Giving Voice to a Trembling Earth" by Sarah McCaleb.

"Walking the Skyline," an excerpt from the dissertation of Laura Mitchell, PhD.

"Place and the Institution" by Sarah Rankin.

"Napa's Secrets: A Terrapsychological Inquiry" by Jean Santullo.

"Lafayette Reservoir: A History of Conflict" by Lisa Stankovic.

"The Power of Place: How Nature Reveals Spiritual Truth" by Jane Tanner.

"In the Arms of the Green Man," a thesis proposal excerpt by Kathryn Quick.

"And the Landscape was Crying" by Anne Ulvestad.

"On Returning to the Soul of the World" by Mary Watkins.

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