How To Download - to flash card or stick, hard drive, etc.:

1. Left click on the document you wish to download.

2. A small menu should pop up. Select Save and click OK.

3. When the Save As box pops up, you will need to indicate where you want the file saved. If to a flash card, card reader, or memory stick, plug the device into a USB port on your computer, wait a moment until the computer recognizes it, and click My Computer in the Save As box. You can also click Desktop to download the program where you can find it easily.

4. The next popup menu gives you a choice again of where to save the document. Local Disk C: is your computer's hard drive, for example. D: might indicate your computer's CD drive (it depends on the computer). For flash cards or other media plugged into the computer, New Volume will likely be the correct choice. Double click on it.

5. Click the Save button and the document will be downloaded. When finished, you can hit your browser's Back button or arrow and return to Opus Pax.