Now Available: Writing Mentoring by Craig Chalquist, MS PhD,

The following is from a flyer created for graduate students of psychology at the Pacifica Graduate Institute. Although written in Pacificaese, it will give you an idea of what I offer people looking to hone their writing skills. I coach high school up through graduate school levels; students who speak and write English as a second language are welcome. Contact me with questions and requests.

“I can’t write a clear paper because.....

• I’m an introverted intuitive who doesn't get out much.”
• The paper-writing planets aren’t aligned in my natal chart.”
• Writing triggers my father complex.”
• Writing triggers my mother complex.”
• The Inner Critic drowns out my best thoughts.”

• I can't tell my best thoughts from all my other thoughts.”

Actually, the biggest barriers to writing are fears, evasions, and lack of training.

None of which need to stop you from learning. I have successfully guided many a troubled student, employee, and aspiring author through the winding writing labyrinth. My background includes:

• Fourteen years of training as a technical editor and writer.
• Corporate instructor of writing classes (my own curriculum).
• Top 500 Reviewer (nearly 500 book reviews).
• Getting published, more than once.
• Writing grants.
• Surviving the doctoral dissertation.
• Graduating from the Pacifica Depth Program.
• Tutoring students from Pacifica and elsewhere.

You might or might not be a born writer, but every writer benefits from 1. training in the literary and organizational skills required for assembling a thoughtful composition, and 2. receiving critical feedback from an informed reader. And the best news is that you needn’t wait for an auspicious omen....

Contact me if you’re looking for assistance with composing, editing, organizing, formatting, or simply working through an idea or two. Meanwhile, remind the inner critic of this earthly truth: clear writers are not Trined, they are trained.


Effort like this is a thing of beauty, but writing
needn't be this tricky. Trust me on this.

West of the West